What I Do

Specified  Layouts or Collaboration.

If the  initial graphic design is complete for a web page, I will follow it to its exact specifications.  All technical  and functional aspects of the user interface will be precise. I do however enjoy collaboration. Branding with content, layouts, images, and logos creates an online identity. It is a creative process that  always benefits from outside input.

Building Web Pages

It is my job to turn a design into a  webpage that meets its technical requirements as a user interface. The page should be engaging and easy to navigate. All the content should be clear so users can interact with the page intuitively. The right design, progammed properly,  should be a seamless experience.

Hosting and Administration

Web pages require constant updates and maintenance. Competent hosting is a top priority that keeps all data secure and current. Links, contact forms, and shopping carts must  be kept in working order.  Search engine marketing strategies are used to place web pages higher in search results. I can support current web pages  to meet their goals.

Recent Builds

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

This started as an unsolicited page for a favorite local restaurant. It was just a redundant version of their Facebook page. I wanted to gather some quality content on the subject itself.  It ended turning into a research paper on Mexican cuisine that became a web page. I learned some very interesting things and tried to make it as visually appetizing as the recipes themselves.


This page was built  using the collaboration tool Figma. The software market to connect web designers and developers is highly contended. Working on the project as a developer I found Figma's  tool kit quite easy to use. Given this is a very straightforward design,  Figma may have its limitations. User interface buttons have been added to change the background because  people like to play on their phones.


I affectionately call this tutorial the "Kitchen Sink." The CSS preprocessor SASS does have a more complex file structure than an index.html and a style.css. The initial declaration of variables and mixins did seem time-consuming at first. Writing nest code took some adjustment. After that, there was a clear hierarchy to manage larger projects. There is a single element on this page that is not styled or animated.

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